My work has appeared on, BBC Mundo, Kansas City Star, Sacramento Bee, USA Today, Center for Public Integrity, Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, Arizona Republic,, Arizona Capitol Times, Charleston Gazette and several other publications. Below you will find several examples of my print work. Click on an image to open that article in a new tab.

Secretaries of StateNBC News: Activist state
election officers lead charge
for Voter ID
PRStatehoodNovember Vote Gives Puerto
Ricans Another Chance to
Argue for Statehood
Health Exchange width=Cronkite News: Brewer rejects
state-run health insurance
exchange, feds will step in
capital everifyAZ Capital Times: Years after
they became mandatory,
AZ’s E-Verify checks are spotty
Sales TaxAZ Capital Times: Online sales
cost state $708 million
in lost sales taxes this year
Glendale women earn moreAZCentral: Arizona women in
South Phoenix, Glendale buck
national trend, out-earn men
Romney AcceptanceCronkite News: From front-row
convention seat, Arizona
delegates get revved about
TomatoPactCronkite News: Firms worry
that ending tomato pact with
Mexico could spark larger trade tiff
PrescottWorkersCronkite News: Prescott area
among top in nation for
percentage of at-home workers
Migrant WorkersCronkite News: As harvest
season looms, farmers worry
about finding enough workers
Farm Bill ExpiresCronkite News: Farmers
frustrated as farm bill
McCain Convention width=Cronkite News: Presidential
aspirations behind him, McCain
again addresses convention