Here you will find some of my work from 2News. I traditionally work solo, meaning most of these stories I shot, wrote and edited. Below I have several examples of spot news, breaking news and features. All of my stories are day turns. Video reporting is very important to me. The ability to capture moments and sounds for a mass audience can be extremely powerful. Sometimes, words alone don’t do a story justice. My video work at 2News was recognized in 2015 with the SPJ Oklahoma Pro Chapter award for best reporting portfolio.

Quapaw tornado recovery
Run time: 1:30

Mental health behind bars
Run time: 2:30

Officer shot during 3-hour standoff in North Tulsa
Run time: 2:12

Flooding in Muskogee
Run time: 2:05

Taking care of Arlington cemetery
Run time: 1:38

Honey bee success
Run time: 2:10

Vigil in Sand Springs
Run time: 2:03

Route 66 Marathon
Run time: 2:16

Raft race business
Run time: 2:45

Cat problem on Cherry St.
Run time: 2:30

AR15 bullet ban proposal
Run time: 2:12

Nowata gun range fire
Run time: 1:42

State fair baker hits 50th year
Run time: 2:07

The Boys of Winter
Run time: 1:30

Pay it forward at the Blue Rose
Run time: 1:30

Rafters trapped in dam
Run time: 1:19